Store hours, inventory, and locations in Winnipeg: A Complete Guide to Dollarama


For those looking for deals across Canada, Dollarama has become a household name. The retail behemoth has won over consumers trying to stretch their dollars with its enormous assortment of reasonably priced goods. We examine the product selections and shop hours of dollarama hours in Winnipeg as well as the city’s retail environment in this extensive guide. This article will give you all the details you require on Dollarama, regardless of whether you are a regular shopper or merely inquisitive.

Brief Overview of Dollarama

Canadian retail chain dollarama winnipeg focuses on providing a broad range of goods at predetermined prices. The 1992-founded business has grown significantly, reaching more than 1,300 locations nationwide. Dollarama carries a wide selection of goods, from party supplies to household necessities, making it a popular stop for shoppers on a tight budget.

Hours of Dollarama

doldrum hours maintains flexible store hours to accommodate the various needs of its patrons. Although these hours may vary a little depending on the location, the typical operating hours are as follows:

from Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

From 10:00 am until 6:00 pm on Sunday

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these hours may alter on holidays and other special occasions. It is therefore advised to check with your nearby Dollarama store or their official website for any updates or precise timings.

Stocks & Products Available at Dollarama

The enormous variety of goods that Dollarama offers at a set price point, usually between $1 and $4, is something that company takes great pleasure in. In order to give customers a wide selection, the company acquires its products from multiple suppliers. Following are a few well-liked product categories you might anticipate to see at Dollarama:

3.1. Household Essentials: Cleaning supplies, cookware, storage options, and simple home furnishings are just a few of the household necessities that Dollarama carries. You may get anything you need for house maintenance here, from kitchen tools to laundry detergents.

Supplies for the party: Are you on a tight budget? With their extensive selection of party materials, dollarama stock has everything you need. You may organise a wonderful celebration without going over budget by using disposable tableware, balloons, decorations, and party favours.

3.3 Seasonal things Dollarama is a master at offering things for the changing seasons. You may get a wide selection of seasonal things at reasonable costs, including Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations and Easter treats.

3.4. Personal Care and Beauty: dollarama hours offers a range of personal care products, including toiletries, cosmetics, and grooming supplies. These items are ideal for daily usage and offer exceptional value.

In Winnipeg, Dollarama

There are numerous Dollarama outlets in Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. The same extensive selection of goods and competitive prices are available in these shops, as has become customary with customers. Some dollarama Winnipeg locations in Winnipeg are listed below:

4.1. Dollarama Polo Park: This Dollarama store, which is situated in the Polo Park Shopping Centre at 1485 Portage Avenue, is easily accessible. When shopping for a large range of goods under one roof, it provides convenient access for customers.

4.2. The Dollarama Pembina Village store, which can be found at 2855 Pembina Highway, serves Winnipeg’s southern suburbs. For people who live in adjacent neighbourhoods, it offers a handy shopping experience.

4.3. dollarama winnipeg Northgate serves clients in the northern section of Winnipeg from its location at 1399 McPhillips St. Because of the wide range of things it offers, customers can find the necessities of life.


In Canada, dollarama stock is still a favourite stop for shoppers on a tight budget. The retail behemoth offers a great chance to save money while taking care of necessities thanks to its reasonable prices and vast selection of products. dollarama hours is a simple and dependable choice for all your shopping needs, whether you’re in Winnipeg or anywhere else in the nation thanks to its adaptable store hours and wide range of stock selections. Visit the dollarama hours store that is closest to you today to discover the wealth of reasonably priced goods that are there for you.