Tips To Prepare Your RV For Shipping

If you are moving to another state or across the county and want to move your RV as well to the new place, the first thing you must do is find a reputed RV moving company. When you hire the services of an RV shipping company, they will pick up and deliver the RV at whichever location you share with them. Be it RV shipping or other vehicle shipping, you must be extremely careful when choosing a shipping company.

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What to consider when choosing an RV shipping company?

  • Choose a shipping company that has a dedicated customer support team. Dealing with an unresponsive shipping firm can be quite frustrating. The company you are planning to hire must be available via emails, chat support, and calls. They must be able to respond to your queries quickly.
  • Choose a shipping company that has good experience in the field. Do your research for finding trustworthy and established companies. Companies with more experience know how to handle the complex situation if any arises during the shipping process. They will prepare a schedule and ensures that your vehicle reaches the delivery address on time. By hiring a shipping company, you can actually stay stress-free.

How to prepare your RV for shipping?

  • Check the interior of your RV thoroughly for loose items. If you find any, remove them.
  • Remove any items that are hanging inside your RV like poster frames, picture frames and others.
  • Disconnect the power supply and gas lines. Your stove needs to be turned off.
  • Check whether all the windows, cabinets, and doors are closed. If they are open, ensure that you close them properly. They must not open during the shipping.
  • Empty your refrigerator. The freezer should be defrosted to stop leaks.
  • Clean both the exterior and interior of your RV before shipping. Make a note of all the details related to your RV i.e., scratches and dents on its body and others. If there are no scratches and dents, it is well and good. But make a note of the same. Check whether the condition of your RV is matching with the details you have made a note of after receiving it at the delivery location.

What would be the shipping cost?

The shipping cost depends on various factors and some of them are weather conditions, season, distance, type of vehicle, and others. You can request quotes from multiple companies to know which company offers its services at a reasonable price. While comparing the price, it is essential to take the service quality into consideration. If you look at the service cost alone when choosing shipping services, you may end up hiring the wrong company.