The Fascinating Journey of Quartz Countertops

How are Quartz Countertops Made? 

Are you looking at options for new granite or quartz countertops for your Perrysburg or Toledo home improvement project? While you know granite is solid rock, what are quartz counters made from? The answer might surprise you!

Recycling Leftovers from Granite Quarries

Man-made quartz countertops begin as dust and rubble left from the process of cutting granite slabs from the mountainside. The aggregate is sent to the quartz factory for processing.

Add Colors and Resins and Bake

At the factory, the stone aggregate and dust are mixed with colorants and resins and then pressed into huge sheets. The blocks are subjected to high pressure and heat to create durable slabs ready to be shipped to your local Countertop Shop near Toledo.

Non-repeating Patterns Create Natural Designs

During the manufacturing process, different colors are applied to the slabs to make the quartz look like your favorite marble or granite with speckles, veins, and contrasting inclusions. Computers use non-repeating patterns so that each slab has a unique appearance for a custom result.

Just as Hard and Beautiful as Real Granite

You can expect quartz to perform comparably to other types of natural stone, including granite and marble. It resists stains, heat, and scratches just as well as or better than stone. Your quartz countertops will look beautiful for decades.

See What You Get

When you see a sample of quartz, it will be a true match to the slab used to fabricate your new countertops. Natural stones cannot guarantee an exact color pairing. When building a kitchen in all white or gray, quartz gives you a more reliable color match over large surfaces.

Would you like to see how quartz compares to granite in real life? Come to the showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova for a side-by-side comparison today.