How Much Time Does it Take to Get First Ranking on Google

Top rankings on Google SERPs are amongst the most valuable real estate assets for a digital marketer. It is no secret that many in the digital marketing game stake their entire career on having the ability to use SEO to gain organic traffic. Companies are ready to pay high salary packages to such professionals in order to gain top rankings on Google SERPs.

If you’re someone studying at one of the top digital marketing institutes, you must be awed by such prospects. The desire to be successful is ubiquitous. However, another question worth asking is the time it takes to get top ranking on platforms like Google.

Explaining the importance of getting top ranking on Google is unnecessary. Everyone understands that a website which appears first on Google would naturally get more traffic. Since the entire point of marketing is capturing attention and turning attention into winning moments, getting top ranking on Google becomes a natural priority,

How much time does it take to get top ranking on Google SERPs? The answer is not simple. In fact, not a single SEO alive can give a general answer to such a question.

In this article, we illustrate a few scenarios and explain how much time it could take in getting top rankings in each.

When the Target Keyword Is Not Relevant

This sounds a bit odd. Why would an SEO try ranking an irrelevant keyword anyways?

While working for a company, SEOs often have to rank keywords that do not bring any actionable benefit to the company. This is because they are told to do so by upper management. Since these keywords are irrelevant to the goals of a company, they are likely to have a low search volume. Usually, these keywords take over a month to rank.

When Website is Brand New

If the website is brand new, ranking content becomes very challenging. A new website typically has no presence on search engines. Such websites, with no presence, take a lot of time to rank organically on search engines, especially if the niche is very competitive. For example, a fitness or food-related new website will take six to eight months of content writing and link building to just reach the first page of Google SERPs. The only way to get traffic in a competitive niche is to find topics and subjects which are not covered by mainstream websites says Delhi Courses in a press conference in Delhi held last week.

When Website is On Second, Third, Or Fourth Page of Search Results

If a website is already on the second, third, or fourth page of search results for a top-quality keyword, getting top rankings can take 2-3 months of rigorous content and backlink optimization. Given the fact that the keyword is very popular, SEOs can be sure that every website they have to beat to reach number one is also being run by a team of SEOs.

With an established presence on Google in some way, it becomes much easier to get first ranking.

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In Conclusion

SEO takes time. It doesn’t work like Google Ads where an advertiser pays a certain amount and gets first ranking on SERP. Organic traffic is hard to build and takes a combination of guile and determination. In this article, we cover how much time it takes to get the first rank on Google SERPs.